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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which pyramid do I need: The Queen's Chamber, HHG, or K-X Coil?
  2. Does a Power Pyramid or HHG ever need to be cleared, like a crystal?
  3. Can I program my pyramid?
  4. How long does a pyramid need to be in a room before it is cleared?
  5. Do you include instructions with the pyramids?
  6. Are the pyramids guaranteed to work?
  7. How did you determine the pricing?

Which pyramid do I need: The Queen's Chamber, HHG, or K-X Coil?

It depends on your needs and desires. The Queen's Chamber is meant as a meditation and manifestation aid as it resonates with your voice or even sounds in the room. A vibrating crystal is obviously going to have more effect than a non-vibrating crystal. This crystal also contains the orgone component of the K-X Coil pyramid so you're receiving that benefit as well. An HHg pyramid is great if you primarily want to put it somewhere and let it do its orgone-generation thing, and occasionally program it for manifestation. But if you are serious about manifestation, a K-X Coil Pyramid is more programmable and allows you to manifest things quickly and easily. Also, I recommend the K-X Coil pyramid if you are having any trouble with negative entities, as the xenon is strong enough to repel them.

Does a Power Pyramid ever need to be cleared, like a crystal?

No. The pyramid will continuously process dead orgone and give off new, live orgone and will not require clearing. The metal particles in an organic matrix is what gives it this ability.

Can I program my pyramid?

Yes! The pyramid contains five double-terminated quartz crystals and can be programmed with your wishes. At this time I'm not sure how many programs a pyramid can hold, I have not counted... I'm sure it's many. The most important aspect of programming is to ask your pyramid to work in harmony with your energy. This is crucial and should be the very first program! If you don't do this, the energy can get a little hectic.

If you have a lot of specific programs you would like the pyramid to perform, a good idea is to write them on a slip of paper and place it under the pyramid. Tell the pyramid to run these programs only, in harmony with your energy, and to delete any previous or extraneous programs. The K-X Coil pyramid is amazingly helpful with manifestation. Enjoy this feature, but be careful with it also. Please refer to my helpful guidelines on manifestation for more information.

How long does a pyramid need to be in a room before it is cleared ?

That depends on your room! Some rooms will need more clearing than others. You will have to sense this for yourself. I think you will easily know and feel when the room is cleared. I cleared my entire house almost instantaneously with a K-X Pyramid and a little visualization.

Do you include instructions with the pyramids?

Typically I do not send out any instructions with the pyramids. I feel that specific instructions would be too limiting. There are no right or wrong ways to use the pyramids, and people use them in many different ways. Here is a small sampling how people work with their pyramids:

  1. Saying their affirmations next to the Queen's Chamber
  2. Putting both hands on either side of the pyramid while meditating with it
  3. Touching the tip of the pyramid with one finger while meditating with it
  4. Sleeping with the pyramid near the head, either on the bed or nightstand
  5. Placing the pyramid in a specific room, or even in the car

Feel free to be creative with how you work with your pyramid, and do what feels energetically right to you. There are no rules!

Are the pyramids guaranteed to work?

This is the type of product that no one can "guarantee." It would be like trying to guarantee a crystal. This is new and experimental technology. Although most people do feel the pyramids' energy, and have terrific and immediate results, each person is different and experiences vary accordingly. I feel that the closest thing to a guarantee I can provide are the testimonials and experiences of myself and other people.

The pyramids have no moving parts, they do not plug in, and do not come with instructions. This is technology of an esoteric nature. The bulk of the results will come from the efforts put in by the user. The pyramid is a tool, just as a hammer or wrench is a tool. The person must do the work, spend the time to meditate, program, and manifest, and have an open mind. The pyramid acts as an antenna or a focal point for the person's energy and amplifies the efforts being put in (just as a hammer focuses and amplifies your nail-driving efforts!). A positive attitude is a must. If you are confident of your ability to manifest what you want in life, then the pyramid can and will help. However if you doubt your abilties, the pyramid will unfortunately probably not change your mind.

On a related note, the whole reason I wrote Creating Your Reality is because people have hugely limiting beliefs. We are masters yet we act like slaves. If you know how to think like a master, these pyramids will work for you. The only thing liming you is you! If you take any tool it will react differently for the master as it does for the limited individual. How much can one achieve? I believe anything is possible but then again, you're reading this from a woman who tested her abilities by winning the daily lottery via altered states of consciousness!

This being said, if you find that you are truly confused or unhappy with your pyramid after receiving it, please e-mail me and I can assist you, or you can return it to me.

How did you determine the pricing?

These pyramids are made using only top quality materials, which are not cheap. The metal particles that I use (pure copper) are specially machined from blocks of copper, not found at the dump or at a machine shop. This means they are pure! The copper coils I use are made on a custom die, not hand-wound around a funnel. They are beautifully precise, which smoothes out the energy field of the pyramids. The pyramid shell itself is privately machined for me and you'll not find this anywhere else! Also, I've done quite a bit of R&D to discover the best type of resin available for these devices. Aqua Resin is more expensive than plastic, but it is much more alive. It contains powdered quartz crystal right in the matrix, what a bonus!

Each pyramid is hand-made and painted and from start to finish take several days to make. These are unique, rare and attractive. Even the neodymium earth magnets are rare. No expense was spared to create not only beautiful display pieces but functional tools.