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About Manifestation

1. First and most importantly, you must totally believe that it is possible to obtain that which you are manifesting. You must believe it is yours to have, free for the immediate taking, and that you deserve to have it. Most of us have been trained since birth that in order to get something we must plan for it, work hard, suffer, and wait for it. This training is difficult to overcome! I believe that only our most highly ascended masters (Jesus, Buddha, Moses) knew how to manifest instantly with no reservations. The best way I can see to overcome this is by starting small. Use your pyramid to focus your energies and manifest little things first, then move up when it feels right. Work with your own belief system, at your own pace, stretching and exercising it as you would an atrophied muscle, for that is what it truly is!

2. Always practice manifestation in the present tense, never future tense. For example, say "I am healthy, I have abundance, I enjoy my new car," etc. If you state your affirmation in the future tense, i.e. "I desire" or "I want" or "I wish to become," then that is what you will manifest: desiring, wanting, wishing. This is because the universe and our subconscious mind TAKES US LITERALLY. This may sound silly, but it is true. Always manifest as if you already possess that which you would like to have. Words are helpful, but the most effective way is to feel and imagine your desire as if it were already real. Visualize, use all your senses, create the scenario mentally. Feel the joy of success as deeply as possible. Really get creative! See and feel yourself driving that new car. What does the upholstery feel like? What color is it? Breathe in that "new car" smell. How does the engine sound when you start it up? How does your body feel in the driver's seat, on the road? You get the idea. Remember, saying "I wish" or "I want" only affirms lack... it affirms that you don't have the thing you desire. Always affirm abundance, in the present tense, as if it were completely and effortlessly already yours.

3. An important component of personal manifestation is to keep that which you are manifesting a secret from others. In fact, it's best not to even let others know that you are manifesting anything. There is a very good reason for keeping your desire secret. As soon as you tell another person that you are working on manifesting something, that person will have thoughts and opinions about it. Remember, thoughts are things! That person's thoughts, and probably doubts, will have a tangible effect on your manifestation process! Even if that person thinks momentarily "I wonder if he/she will succeed?" that thought will hamper your efforts. So, as much as you would like to share what you are working on with someone you love, resist this urge and keep it to yourself. Of course, as soon as your wish becomes reality, feel free to share your success story!

4. Never intentionally manifest something negative or harmful. Manifestation is real and possible, and you may succeed in harming someone. Remember that which you give out will return to you. Make sure your wish is not harmful to anyone including yourself.

5. Be careful about attempting to manifest something for another person. It is never a good idea to interfere with another's free will. Although a person may be suffering, they may have lessons to learn from that suffering. You may, through manifestation, offer that person love, and ask his or her higher self to assist that person with healing, if it is in their highest good and life plan. Do not interfere directly unless you have been specifically asked to help by either the person or their higher self. When offering love to another person, remember to channel it from higher sources, do not give away your own precious energy as this will deplete you.

6. There may be times when you will get a strong inner message that you should stop trying to manifest a certain something. Trust this message. It could mean that what you are trying to manifest is not in your or someone else's best interest. Always trust your inner guidance.

7. In the case where you have mastered your beliefs but have been unsuccessful in manifesting your desire, there is one more thing to consider. Your higher self always knows what is best for you. If you have been working toward something that your higher self knows to be harmful to you, or that will interfere with your life's plan or that of someone else, you will not get your wish. It may come at a later time, in accordance with your higher self and your life plan. In this case, consider your failure to manifest as a blessing in disguise, and thank your higher self for watching out for you.

Always pratice responsible manifestation!