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Power Pyramids - Mission Statement

Power Pyramids Mission: To create a true and powerful "psychotronic" tool to help people reclaim their innate psychic and spiritual powers.

(psychotronic means "operated by the power of the mind")

I fully believe that we human beings are blessed with beautiful and amazing psychic and spiritual powers. Unfortunately for most of us, we were taught to "unlearn" these powers and abilities when we were children. The powers and abilities I am referring to include seeing spirits, leaving our bodies, meeting with our guides, understanding and functioning lucidly in our dreams, healing our own bodies and helping others to heal, being able to protect ourselves from negative energies and entities, and many other things. As children we trusted our intuitions and believed what we saw. Children are told "it was only your imagination" or "it was only a dream" or "it's not real." It doesn't take us long to learn not to discuss these things with adults or risk being made to feel childish and silly. What a shame this is. Most of us now have many, many years of reprogramming to do in order to reclaim these God-given gifts.

Without access to our innate abilities, we are powerless. We are subject to manipulations too numerous to mention. We are not in control of our lives. We are afraid. We don't see the results of our actions on the whole, so we act selfishly in ways that seem insignificant to us at the time, but that are having disastrous results to humanity and to the Earth. This can be said of individuals, corporations, governments. The only way the world will change is by each individual person taking responsibility for his or her choices and actions. But most people don't. It's far too easy to say, "the world will never change, so why should I?"

Now is the time for us to reclaim these abilities. We desperately need our powers back so that we can take control of our lives and emotions, understand and learn from the unseen realms, heal our bodies and minds, live in harmony with others and the planet, and learn to discern and "see the big picture" regarding what is going on in the world so that we can take positive actions (or, at least stop reacting negatively). We have been manipulated long enough without thinking for ourselves, and we have allowed this to be so. It must stop. We must reclaim our personal sovereignty.

There have been tools created which can help us achieve various goals, although we don't always know why and cannot always prove it scientifically. The pyramid is such a tool; it's shape alone has been said to heal, protect, and open the mind. The Holy Handgrenade is a tool which recycles dead orgone into healthy, live orgone, creating an atmosphere of healing. The Krypto-Xeno pyramid has the benefits of a HHg but also assists the user to manifest and program when used in meditation. The tools which seem to be helping us the most seem to be those with no moving parts... interesting!

I am constantly thinking and reading and meditating, trying to come up with more ways to improve the Power Pyramids. I am receiving instructions in my meditations, and I am experimenting with what I receive. I am studying the Great Pyramid of Giza, and from my research this pyramid was a giant power plant which, using no moving parts, harnessed the energy of the Earth's vibrations and turned it into useable energy. And what a beautiful sight those pyramids must have been, visible from space with their gleeming, polished casing stones in place.

It is my intention to continue to improve the Power Pyramids so that they can connect us with the energy of the Earth in a real, tangible, and measurable way. I want the Power Pyramid to be a tool that gives its owner easy access to remembering his or her inherent power, ability, and beauty.


"How exactly do I use my pyramid to accomplish this?" you ask. Click here.