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Types of Pyramids

Do not order any pyramid until you've taken, or at least read, the Sensitivity Test. This will let you know what to expect from your pyramid. Your ability to perceive its energy will vary on how well you've developed your energy centers.

New Chakra Pyramid:

I created this pyramid because I wanted a pyramid to assist with chakra energy flow. Our chakras are our body's batteries! If they are blocked or too closed then we become mentally or physically ill, or worse, slowly die. I have selected the seven crystals that align with each major chakra. They are Jasper (Root Chakra), Hematite (Sacral Chakra), Citrine (Solar Plexus), Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra), Aquamarine (Throat Chakra), Amethyst (Forehead or Third Eye Chakra) and Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra). They are attached to a spiral copper coil with a K-X pack placed inside to assist with the flow of the crystals's energy. It should be placed on or near the body when doing chakra work and meditations. This pyramid is $145.00 plus tax and shipping.

Read the following detailed chakra list, it will provide information on chakras and help you determine if one of yours is blocked.

New Queen's Chamber Pyramid:

We now offer the Queen’s Chamber Pyramid. Let me explain how it is different than the HHG or K-X Coil Pyramid.

Within the Queen’s Chamber Pyramid is a structure that is literally modeled after the Queen’s Chamber within the great Pyramid of Giza

This chamber is hand stamped and cut from copper sheets and contains a resonating device as well as the standard K-X orgone device. On the bottom of the chamber is the orgone device but on each side of what would be the North and South walls of the actual Queen’s Chamber of Giza are powerful neodymium earth magnets with a spiral copper coil that attaches to both magnets. Within the coil is a quartz crystal that is allowed to resonate, as does the entire chamber, because of the protected open space of the chamber. The chamber itself is wrapped in protective foil so that no Aqua Resin can enter the chamber and disrupt the resonating patterns. The purpose of this Queen’s Chamber Pyramid is to assist with all sound frequencies, specifically during meditations or spoken affirmations. Your voice will vibrate the chamber and since the crystal is attached to the chamber walls by the copper coil (used for its conductive qualities) it too will vibrate and work in conjunction with the K-X orgone to increase the effects of your meditations, manifestations and energy cleansing.

Here are two photos of the Queen’s Chamber (inside the Pyramid). One is with the chamber open so you can see the contents, and one is closed (but not yet sealed). All pyramids are hand-made, even the application of color, but this is the most complex of the pyramids and has the most machined hand/made parts and is $145.00 plus tax and shipping.

Read here about the Giza pyramid legends relating to chambers inside the pyrmid, of which this pyramid is modeled.

K-X Coil Pyramid:

The K-X Coil pyramid combines the qualities of krypton and xenon, as well as a custom-machined copper coil, with the qualities of a basic HHg for one whopper of a strong pyramid.

The krypton allows for easy manifestation and creating of thoughtforms, and its energy pattern is smooth and user-friendly. The xenon provides a very powerful and healing energy, easily felt by anyone, and is strong enough to eject negative entities and keep them at bay. The energy of the xenon is a little more hectic than the krypton, and may require some getting used to (i.e. it may keep you awake for a few nights), but the two elements complement each other extremely well in this powerful tool. The K-X Coil pyramid is easily 3-4 times stronger than an HHg pyramid.

This pyramid also includes a spiral copper coil which winds clockwise from point to base. The copper spiral is made from 18 gauge copper wire, and is machined on a custom-made die for the highest precision possible. This coil forces orgone energy to circulate throughout the pyramid, giving the energy a better flow and distribution into a perfect tube-torus shape around the pyramid. The K-X Coil pyramid can easily be programmed to assist you with manifestation. This is an extremely powerful energy tool and must be used intelligently. Be careful what you program to manifest, as it will happen!

This pyramid is $125.00 plus tax and shipping.

As always, please practice responsible manifestation.

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Holy Handgrenade Pyramid:

The original HHg, based on Don Croft's specifications. Made from pure copper particles, five quartz crystals and Aqua Resin. The HHg is a powerful tool to clear your home or environment (work? office?) of negative energies.

This pyramid is $115.00 plus tax and shipping.

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