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Subtle Energy Sensitivity Test

Subtle Energy Sensitivity Test

Awareness and sensitivity levels to this product depend on your level of spiritual development. A person who does little or no chakra work, meditation, attuning, or aura work will "feel" it less than a person who spends time developing their subtle energy feelers. Our psychic centers/abilities are no different than a muscle. Is your fit or flabby? They only grow strong when we work them and most people pay no attention to their energy centers or don't even know they exist.

Whether you feel the pyramid or not, know it's working. This is no different than if you hold a crystal in your hand or to one of your chakra centers. You may not feel what it's doing, but that doesn't stop the crystal from doing what it does. I use crystals all the time for my work and yet if I put one in the hand of a person who has dormant feelers, they won't feel a thing.

The things that affect our energies and the ability to perceive subtle ones are what we consume, our mental outlook, and our spiritual work. I have made up a sensitivity rating system so you can rate your sensitive level. Take the test, add up your points, and you'll get an overall idea of where your spiritual sensitivity is at. For more psychic evaluations, check this psychic test page.

Do you drink alcohol? (-3)
Do you consume caffeine? (-1)
Do you eat meat? (If yes -3, if no +3)
Do you get under seven hours of sleep? (If yes -1, if no +1)
Do you work with your chakras/kundalini? (If yes +3)
Do you work with crystals? (If yes +2)
Do you meditate? (If yes +3)
Are you a negative person? (If yes -2)
Are you a positive person? (If yes +2)
Can you feel the energy/mood of a person when they walk into the room? (If yes +3)
Can you see auras? (If yes +4)
Are you conscious in your dreams? (If yes +3)
Do you exercise? (If yes +2, if no -2)
Rate the hectic-ness of your lifestyle (this can be a combination of a demanding career, long commutes in traffic, children, etc.) Basically, how wiped-out are you on a daily basis?) Low (+1), Medium (-1) High (-2).


-14 to -1: Your energy centers are dormant, feeling is non-existent or barely discernable. What you may notice is an increase or variation of dreams. A vague feeling that the air is more pure, or that you feel more positive. Most people, even at this level, will have trouble sleeping the first few nights due to the energy in the atmosphere. If you actually spend time with your pyramid and include it with you during your meditations this will increase to actual manifestation of your imbedded goals. As with all levels, the more you put into you and your pyramid, the more you'll get out of it. We don't go to the gym and stare at the equipment-- we use it!
+ 1 to +10: You can feel the moods of others, your chakras, when activated are discernable, and you're lucid to some subtle energies. The effects of the pyramid will be the feeling of stirred chakras, more vivid dreams, and quicker manifestation.
+11 to +20: You're a very developed energy being who largely controls his/her thoughts and emotions and can probably traverse subtle planes and have some psychic abilities. At this level you'll be able to manifest much more quickly because your energies are not scattered like a lightbulb, but honed like a laser. You'll feel it the moment it lands on your doorstep. You'll be able to effectively program your pyramid.
+21 to 27: You perform your own healing, have developed psychic faculties in many areas (this can include seeing auras, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, astral travel, etc.). You can often manipulate the energy around you to your benefit. Effects at this level: sky is the limit!

There are of course rare exceptions. Natural psychics do exist who possess open feelers that have done little to no work to develop them and were just born that way.