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If you want small customizations to your pyramid, send me an e-mail. As an example, I can insert a specific crystal that would resonate with a particular situation you’re wishing to manifest (money, love, etc.) Or if you want to send me a personal object, such as a lock of hair, I can do that too.

Do not order until you've taken, or at least read, the Sensitivity Test. This will let you know what to expect from your pyramid. Your ability to perceive its energy will vary on how well you've developed your energy centers.

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We use for online payments, which means you can use your existing account, if you have one. Paypal also accepts most major credit cards if you don't have an account.


You may also send check or money order. Contact us for address and color options.

These pyramids are hand-made and take several days to make between assembling, filling, and curing. Please allow 3-5 days for the creation of your pyramid.

Sales Tax:
Washington residents only: 8.5% sales tax.

Shipping cost: $12.00