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Testimonials about Power Pyramids

These are people's experiences

I've come to the conclusion that the word "testimonial" is misleading. It implies a guarantee to something that cannot be guaranteed. However, I receive so much positive feedback about what people are doing with their pyramids that I have to include some of the more interesting stories here. I encourage you to write to me and share your experiences with your pyramid, and maybe I will post it here.

Erika's report:

Start quote Just thought you would enjoy hearing about the experience I had the other day with your pyramid. My dog came to me with his rawhide chewbone and wanted me to hold it, as I did he bit down and caught the base of my thumbnail with his canine and needless to say I saw stars. It immediately started to swell and the blood turned purple on half of the nail and it was painfully throbbing. I then remembered reading that you said your husband would put his finger on the tip of a pyramid and feel the energy, so I tried it with the xenon coil pyramid I was sitting next to. I held it about 1/4 inch from my injury, focused my intent, healing energy, for several minutes at a time, before I would look at it closely, because ( I knew it would help) but I was still amazed at how quickly it healed. In about 1/2 an hour it was 95% HEALED. The pain was gone and underneath the nail, the purple had retreated and faded to all but the spot of the canine penetration. In a case like this it would take a month to heal and the nail would fall off. I thought I would put this out there as an awareness to others. End quote

Joseph's report:

Start quote Well, when you say this is a very powerful tool, I see you are not kidding! I took it to the river in the woods and my energy was a lot more expanded. It almost seemed too strong at times. I read the testimonial of the lady who took 3 nights to get used to it while sleeping, and expected that to happen to me. The opposite happened. I had the deepest night sleep in a long time and an interesting dream. I will keep you informed with new experiences. I think they have just started. This is definitely a 5th dimensional tool, and I never expected that something it's size can radiate that much power. Now my intuition is saying get another Pyramid and amplify the energy even more. I really have no idea what 2 in my bedroom will do. One is so incredibly powerful. End quote

[note: To avoid sleepless nights with your new pyramid, program it immediately to work in harmony with your energy.]

Don's report:

Start quote Carol and I are experimenting with Kristina's new models now. I stuck the krypton model between our pillows and Carol said, 'Hey-- this is just like breathing pure oxygen!' when her nose contacted the point of the pyramid. I stuck my nose over it and noticed that when I did my lungs expanded like I was, indeed, breathing pure oxygen. That happened with each of the three models the Kristina sent us (we trade a Terminator for each one and I gild the top third of each pyramid, which makes them even more powerful). I hope everyone will try that trick. I slept with my nose close to the point of the pyramid and woke up feeling like I do when an ozonator is in the room. End quote

Lourdes' report:

Start quote A year ago I told a very special sweet friend of mine that she would be beautifying the world. She was given an idea and is now selling it and beautifying the world. She gave me one of her Power Pyramids as a gift. It is an amazing product, I highly recommend it! Recently my oldest son became very ill. I used my friend's power pyramid to assist me with his healing. I put the pyramid by my son's head, then I applied my healing technique. The reason I used the device was that I needed unobstructed energy flow. I applied my healing technique and knew he would be just fine. Within six hours he was back to his normal self. End quote

[note: Shortly before I began to make and sell the pyramids, my dear friend Lourdes told me one day: "A tremendous opportunity will be coming your way and dropping itself in your lap. It is your choice whether to accept it or not, so keep your eyes open for it." Within two months I had established a friendship with Don Croft and was inspired to make the pyramids. This is just one of many examples of her predictions coming true within a short time. Lourdes is extremely psychic and I consider her a highly evolved soul.]

Kristina's report:

I'm not even sure where to begin, so much has happened since I began to work with the pyramids. Suffice it to say, I have experienced a HUGE increase in my psychic abilities. I have three pyramids in my bedroom, one right next to my side of the bed. I am now having lucid dreams almost nightly, and I'm frequently leaving my body. It has been my desire to have increased psychic and dream activity, and I have been programming my pyramids to manifest this. I believe I have opened some sort of time-gate, as I am now experiencing frequent time travel in my "dreams," in which I am meeting people, getting their names, having conversations. (I use the term "dreams" loosely, as I am increasingly sure these are real travels. )

Ann Marie's report:

Start quote[Xenon Pyramid] It gives off a very bright but invisible light! It kept me awake for the first few nights! End quote

She has since adapted to the energy of the Xenon Pyramid and is enjoying it.

(March 18, 2003) Ann Marie has always felt uncomfortable about paying bills. She keeps them in a box and dreads them most of the time. She recently told me she had placed her pyramid in the box with the bills. This took the edge off of her feelings about the bills, enough that she had no problem tackling them and paying them. I love to hear stories like this!

Natalie's report:

Start quote Just want you to know that my day yesterday was not going well and I couldn't fall asleep. I took my Pyramid [HHg] from the living room and set it on the nighttable and after a short time....I relaxed and fell asleep. This morning I got up and felt great.....I love my PYRAMID! It seems to be working for me... End quote